-- Advanced electrostatics for space-charge, cathodes, and high accuracy

CPO Prices/Sales Information

To speak with someone on the CPO software, request a quote, request a trial, or process an order, please contact Adaptas Solutions.

General guidelines on pricing:

CPO pricing is calculated as follows:

  • For exact pricing, we can discuss the options you need and quote you, but a rough outline is as follows. Start with the price of # CPO3S (commercial, 3D, space-charge version of CPO), which is on the order of approximately ten thousand US, dollars depending on current exchange rates/local import costs. The price for a different version can be calculated roughly as described in the below table.
    If you will use CPO at an academic or non-profit research institution for noncommercial use... Then discount the previous price by 25%.
    If you do not need space-charge capabilities... Then discount the previous price by 50%.
    If you want to add special modules (e.g. dielectrics, scattering, stochastic,user-defined cathodes, etc.), occasionally needed Then add 100% for all modules.
    If you wish to lease CPO for only a limited 3-month, 6-month, one-year, two-year, or three-year term... Then discount the previous price by 80%, 70%, 60%, 40%, or 20% respectively.
    If you wish to purchase multiple copies... Discount second copy by 20%. Discount third and forth copies by 40%.
  • See also terms of purchase below.

Details on the options above and terms

  • Academic and non-profit research institutions (e.g. universities, government research institutions and other non-profit-making establishments) receive 40% discounts. License may only be used for non-commercial use.
  • Space-charge capabilities account for the effect of space-charge from your particle beam on the external fields, including repulsion within the beam itself and effects at the cathode (e.g. space-charge-limited cathode emissions). Space-charge effects are calculated iteratively until convergence, a method which is quite accurate and of which there are many examples. Space-charge is an advanced capability in which CPO excels.
  • Purchasing only the 2D or 3D version... Normally, CPO is purchased with both 2D and 3D versions of the programs. 2D programs only simulate systems with axial or 2D planar symmetry (or systems that are approximately so), but when they can be used, their calculations are generally simpler, more efficient and desirable than of the 3D programs.
  • Special modules are available. These provide extended functionality such as dielectrics and Neumann boundary calculations or extending CPO via custom C/C++ code in additional ways. (Note: secondary emissions and custom C/C++ coding of user defined fields and voltage waveforms are available in the standard versions of CPO.) The following special modules are available:
    • dielectrics - uniform dielectrics support for CPO-3D only (recently available in CPO-3DS too; not available in 2D versions). Further details on the dielectrics module.
    • Neumann boundary conditions - General Neumann boundary conditional support (in addition to the built-in mirroring support in the standard versions). For CPO-3D only (not available with 2D or space-charge versions).
    • scattering - user defined ion scattering effects can be programmed via custom C/C++ code. Examples such as randomized ion-gas and ion-grid scattering are included. This is the most popular of the special versions. (Note: the secondary emissions type of scattering is already included in the standard versions of CPO and does not require programming.)
    • stochastic scattering - an extension to the scattering version, this allows user-defined ion-ion scattering with space-charge effects to be programmed with C/C++ code. Only some users have need for this.
    • unconventional cathodes - user-defined cathode effects can be programmed via custom C/C++ code. Only some users have need for this. (Note: basic cathode emissions capabilities are included in the standard versions of CPO and do not require programming.)
    • Want all special modules? Order the "full" version (CPO3SF/CPO3SFA)
    and the dielectrics module.
  • Leasing CPO - Limited term three-month, six-month, one-year, two-year, or three-year leases are available at reduced cost. At the end of the term, the expiration date on a lease can be reset for another term by paying a "reset" price, which is 30% of the full price for leases at least one year long, 20% for a 6-month lease, and 14% for a 3-month lease. For example, a two-year lease can be reset for another two year term for 30% of the full price. The lease may be reset earlier at a corresponding fraction of the reset price, the typical reason being that once reset a lease may optionally be converted to a perpetual license or upgraded (e.g. from CPO-3D to CPO-3DS) at the simple difference in cost between the versions.
  • Upgrades: The cost of upgrading, including upgrading from earlier versions, is either (1) the difference in price plus the cost of resetting the expiration date of the present license (if applicable), or (2) 25% of the cost of a new license.
  • Purchasing multiple copies - A discount of 20% is given on a second license, and a discount of 40% on further licenses up to a maximum of 4 extra licenses (for perpetual licenses only, unless all the licenses are ordered at the same time).
  • Contents: All purchases include a software CD, printed intro manual, and USB dongle key. Software CD contains software (with built-in preprocessor), full documentation (electronic intro manual + comprehensive online help system), and over 200 examples of data files that simulate a wide variety of practical systems.
  • Support: The price includes free professional help and advice on one of the user's first simulations. Inquiries on possible bugs and assistance with installation issues are attended to. Extended support packages for additional assistance are also available (though many users get by with the documentation and examples provided).
  • Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista

Standard Packages

The following standard, perpetual versions are available. These are suitable for most applications. See above for details on leases at reduced price.

  • CPO-3D (3D, non-space-charge) - This is the standard non-space-charge package. It includes 2D and 3D non-space charge and large system (4000K and 6000K segment) versions of CPO.
  • CPO-3DS (3D, space-charge) - This is the standard space-charge package. It includes everything in CPO-3D plus 2D and 3D space-charge programs.
  • CPO-3DS Full/Complete (3D, space-charge, special options) - This includes everything in CPO-3DS plus the "special" modules (dielectrics and customizing calculations with C/C++ code).

See ordering for quotes or pricing.

Contacting SIS / Requesting a Free Evaluation

To speak with someone about the CPO software, including any questions on the software or requests for a quote, evaluation, or purchase, please contact Adaptas SIS. You may optionally use the form below. Please ask for an evaluation request form if you would like us to send you a free 35-day evaluation of the software (with almost the full capabilities of the full CPO-3DS version).

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