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Revision History for SIMION SL Toolkit

The SIMION SL™ Toolkit (version - 2004-11-09)

1.3 (full package not yet released)

SL Tools 1.1.0 - 2006-05-22
  This release provides major functional and performance
  improvements to PA and STL 3D viewing as well as PA-->STL
  - New options on 3D view window: show faces, show lines,
    show points, show normals, show axes, show symmetry,
    opaqueness (translucent), show texture, change brightness,
    zoom with mouse scroll wheel, pan with both mouse buttons down,
    hover or left click mouse to display position/voltage on
    mouse cursor, center on double click position, clipping planes,
    zoom with selection rectangle, improves axes display, display
    multi-STL files with voltage.
  - Major performance improvements: SL Tools can be many times
    faster and more memory efficient than the
    the previous version.
  - PA viewing and PA-->STL conversion improvements - Improved
    correctness of PA display, surface normals of view and STL files
    set correctly, handle ideal grids, reduce number of triangles
  - GUI changes including new functions sidebar.
  - Command-line interface changed some.
  - Terminology changes: raster -> bitmap, vector -> STL (minor)
  - Implementation: upgraded from wxWidgets 2.4 to 2.6.2.
    Now built with Visual C++ 2005 (was 6.0). 2006-03-03

SL Compiler 1.0.3 2006-03-03
  - Supports improvements in SL Remote (see SL Libraries 1.2.2 2006-03-03).

SL Libraries 1.2.2 2006-03-03
  - Increase precision from 6 to 16 digits in numbers in PATXT files (minor).
  - SL Remote now up to ~five times faster and no longer requires loopback
    (noted by rhill in

SL Tools 1.0.3 2005-12-01
  - STL-->PA: Remove restriction that PA boundary box fully enclose
    the STL model.  Also, allow boundary box to be flat (for 2D PA).
    (recommended by eloy in
  - (minor) STL-->PA: Fixed - reset rotation to none after STL load.
  - (minor) STL/PA viewer: display PA boundary box green, as in SIMION.

SL Tools 1.0.2b
  - STL-->PA: Support for orthogonal rotation in the transformation.
    (recommended by dgiznya in
  - STL-->PA: Rearranged input fields to be more logical.
  - STL-->PA: Improved display of axes in 3D view.
    For STL files, axis aligned to CAD coordinates, and user-specified
    boundary box is displayed.  Axis color highlighted.
  - (minor) STL-->PA: In 3D view window, display file name in window title.

SL Libraries 1.2.1
  - C++: Fixed PA::electrode(...) setter method when is_electrode is true.
  - C++: (minor) improved run-time bound checks on positions in PATXT conversion
         (noted by tlamy in   2004-11-08

SL Compiler 1.0.2, SL Tools 1.0.1, SL Toolkit, SL Editor
  - Fixed handling of spaces in program file paths
    (e.g. "c:\program files\sl\bin\sl.exe")   2004-07-22

SL Toolkit
  - added Quick Start Notes

SL Libraries 1.2.0
  - libraries_tut.html - fixed Python code to compile, and revised document
    for clarity.
  - compiler_tut.html - revised, note on SL Editor

1.2.0     2004-07-19

SL Toolkit
  - New SL Tools (sltools.exe) utility for CAD, bitmap, and text file
    data import/export.
  - New SL Editor component for text editing of SIMION files (SL/PRG/GEM).
    Inludes plugins for VIM and Emacs (thanks Robert for the VIM version).
  - New SL System component, includes VIM, which is preconfigured for
    SL Editor.  evim.exe is now the default editor in PROJECT.txt
    (was notepad).
  - Reorganized directory structure:
    - new "system" subdirectory for SL System (containing VIM and Perl).
      (Perl was previously in a "perl" subdirectory).
    - new "lib" subdirectory for SL Libraries and SL Editor config
      files.  replaces "cpp_src", "perllib" and "pythonlib" subdirectories.
    - renamed "html" to "docs"
    - changed "user_files" directory to "user".
    - reorganized "build" subdirectory and new, more modular
      makefile structure.
    - single FILES.xml file (not one per directory)
  - slsetup.exe, replacing (un)install.bat, (un)installs the SL Tools
    and SL Editor (previously only (un)installed the SL Compiler)
  - Cleaner HTML documentation.
  - Improved file browser.
  - More coherent orgnization of modules: SL Compiler, SL Libraries,
      SL Tools, ....
  - Old config.txt configuration file merged into PROJECT.txt
    configuration file.
  - slsetup.exe updates key/license info in PROJECTS.txt.

SL Compiler
  - Very few changes.
  - sl.exe - front end windows executable for the compiler.
    This replaces sl.bat and sl (shell script).
  - compiler_ref.html - equality operator is "==" not "=" (thanks Kevin)

SL Tools 1.0.0 2004-07-14
  - This is a new component in the SL Toolkit.
  - not fail when reading of very small binary STL files (< 500 bytes)
  - preserve symmetry and mirroring in STL files (PA --> STL)
  - preserve symmetry and mirroring when viewing PA files in OpenGL.
  - new "install" and "uninstall" command-line commands.
  - in PATXT format, fixed output of "data_fields" field when coords=0
  - IN PATXT format, fixed data input when coords=0
  - fixed missing data in some command-line help pages.
  - fixed invoking "Vector --> PA" from the command line.
  - Vector --> PA: more rigorous handling of the scaling factor
    so that the default PA size is tight around the CAD model.
    Previously, sltools sometimes added extra void space in one or
    more dimensions.  
  - Vector --> PA: improved rules on autorecalculation of fields
    due to changes in other fields.
    - Changes to CAD boundary (x/y/z/ min/max) cause grid size
      recalculation (holding scale constant).  Previously, the
      scale was changed (holding grid size constant).
    - Changes to scale causes recalculation of grid size
      (vice versa remains true).

SL Tools (sltools.exe) Beta2 2004-05-28
  - New "Text --> PA" function
    - "PA <--> Text" was greatly enhanced with a new ASCII format (PATXT).
    - Ability to import vector fields into PA files.
  - Added support for loading multiple STL files, one per electrode,
      into a single fast-adjustable PA# file.
  - Fixed STL parsing errors:
    - SolidWorks ASCII and binary STL files are now correctly handled.
    - Accept ASCII STL file without a trailing new-line (e.g. SolidWorks).
    - Improved auto-detection of ASCII and binary formats (e.g. SolidWorks).
    - Accept whitespace in description field in ASCII STL file.
  - Improved user-interface (now multithreaded and web-based).

SL Tools (sltools.exe) Beta1 2004-04-27
  - New "Vector --> PA" function.
  - New "Raster --> PA" function.
  - New "PA --> Text" function.
  - New "PA --> Vector" function.

SL Libraries
  - Renamed (was "PA Tools" before).
  - Major expansion, improved robustness and documentation.
  - Implemented common testing suite across all language implementations.
  - accessor functions.
  - handling of negative electrodes improved.
  - checks for valid combinations of PA header settings.

  - Perl versions now uses flat array, not nest array for data points.

  - C++ classes now under "simion" namespace and subdirectory:
      using namespace simion;
  - pa.h uses const for functions.
  - Added missing destructor.
  - PAArgs class for named parameter passing.

SL Editor
  - New component.
  - fixed PRG highlighting (ref. "set ft=simprg"
    not "setf simprg" in filetype.vim)
  - SL Compiler error message now displays on compilation failure
    (ref. compiler/simsl.vim)
  - SL Compiler (not make) is set to the default compiler when
    editing VIM files (ref. syntax/simsl.vim)
  - SL Compiler program path changed to "sl.exe" for the
    SL Toolkit 1.2.0 (compiler/simsl.vim)

  - New components.

1.0.2    2003-03-18

    - [SL Remote] Fixed broken handling of negative numbers.
    - [SL Remote] wait_for_run_complete() now waits indefinitely
        as documented (not 10 seconds) provided debug tracing is off.
    - [Potential Array Tools--Python] Fixed problem where points became
      read-only upon loading an existing file.
    - [SL] various small doc corrections in language.html.
    - In tutorial.htm, asave/aload corrected to array_save/array_load.
    (thanks kevin)

1.0.1    2004-01-12

    - improved build process.

1.0      2003-12-15

    - first release version.

0.9.5    2003-12-11

    - import mechanism, changed (==) operator symbol, revised
      canonical built-in function names.

0.9.4    2003-12-08

    - implicit line continuation, remote sub calls, optional "="
      in var declarations, integer mod (%), ceil function.

0.9.3    2003-11-28

    - more readable PRG code: indenting + pass-through comments

0.9.2    2003-11-27

    - detect uninitialized temporary variables

0.9.1    2003-11-26

    - simplified PRG code generated for "for" statements

0.9      2003-11-21

    - new Python/Perl-like comment syntax (#) + "print" function
       (rather than "mess")
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