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Using SIMION Under Liunx

Author: David Manura, Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. 2003-10-03.

Good success has been reported in using SIMION 7.0 under Linux with Wine. SIMION 7.0 has also been run under VMWare 4 under Linux, but two users have reported the graphics rendering to be quite slow. For these reasons, we recommend that Wine be used to run SIMION under Linux.

SIMION under Wine

After installing Wine on your distribution of Linux, simply run a series of commands such as the following to install SIMION and run it.

$ cd <directory of SIMION installation>
$ wine setup.exe
$ cd <directory in which SIMION is installed>
$ wine simion.exe

Performance seems comparable to that of Windows, and it generally runs with no problems (with about 25 minutes of testing running various example files).

SIS has noticed a few glitches, albeit minor:

  • The line characters in the file manager may appear odd. This can be rectified by selecting "Other | Customize GUI | Video Display Options," enabling "Use Line Char," and entering any character to display instead (e.g. "-").
  • On the ion FLY dialog box, the mouse cursor does not horizontally align itself correctly over the text controls. One can simply compensate for this when moving the mouse.


Two users have observed poor video performance when running VMWare under Linux (screens take a few seconds to draw). This is even the case when when running VMWare's own video drivers (VMWare Tools) on the guest Windows OS (as expected, video performance is even poorer without the VMWare video drivers). The cause of this problem is unclear, and we would be interested if anyone can offer advice. It likely has something to do with SIMION not using native Windows GUI controls.

SIS has noticed, however, that some problems in the mouse movement can be corrected by selecting "Other | Customize GUI | Video Display Options" from the file manager and then enabling "XORed Rectangle Fix." This allows SIMION usage under VMWare to be somewhat tolerable on a fast machine.

SIS has not tested using SIMION under VMWare in full-screen mode (DGA) due to limitations in a video card. This might provide an additional performance improvement.


Below are some screenshots of running SIMION under Wine under Debian Linux (SIS, 2003-10).

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