SIMION® Industry standard charged particle optics simulation software.
Newsflash: SIMION v8.1.1.32 and v8.1.2.22-TEST posted. Recent advances: dielectrics, surface enhancement, new examples (early access: permeability, particle API, View OpenGL)
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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I304 [manual,resolved]
  Improve flow chart describing user programming code.

  This user programming flow chart in the SIMION manual (Figure L.4
  (SIMION 8.0) or Figure I-1 (SIMION 7.0)) has been improved to be more
  precise and clear:

    "Flow Diagram of SIMION Trajectory Calculations with Locations of
     User Program Segment Calls"

  Reported by theo-2005-11-22
  Resolved in 8.0 manual, Rev-4.

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