The field and particle trajectory simulator
Industry standard charged particle optics software
Refine your design: model > simulate > view > analyze > program > optimize it.
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Downloads for SIMION

SIMION Demo Version

A demo version of SIMION is available upon request.

Certain important features are omitted from the demo version such as the ability to save your work or calculate (refine) your own geometries. However, you can fully explore a number of the prebuilt examples.

A tutorial on the demo is here: A Tour of the SIMION Demo. Additional introductory material may be found in the Examples and Screenshots, Screencasts, and SIMION 8 Information.

SIMION 8.1.x/8.0.x Updates

SIMION 8.1 users are entitled to free 8.1.x version updates. SIMION 8.0 users are entitled to free 8.0.x version updates. These updates are available via the "Check for Updates" button on the main screen of your SIMION 8.0 or 8.1 software or the details on the front of your installation CD. For a list of changes made in these updates see the Software Change Log.

SIMION 7.0 Updates (Old Version)

This is the latest update to SIMION version 7.0 (7.0.x versions), available to all SIMION 7.0 users. Note: A special SIMION 7.0 download key is required to download this. When downloaded, just drop this into your SIMION program folder. Run this program instead of simion.exe. The old and new versions can be used simultaneously.

  • simion-7.0.5-20070525 - (SIMION 7.0.5)
  • View Change Log.
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