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ICR Example

This demonstrates the ICRCELL (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) example in SIMION. Description from the README file:

The files in this directory provide an example of having user programs model an ICR Cell. Note: This is a relatively complete 3D mode of an ICR Cell.

This demo creates 20 random ions to the left of the icr cell. These ions enter the cell and are decelerated by a buncher type field. When they are around the middle of the trap the rf sweep starts (ions turn red). After The rf sweep finished the ions turn green and the encaps are set to trap the ions. The PE Surface Views of the Z =0 plane can be used to view the various voltage forcing functions (PE surfaces are updated).

A dummy 2D planar magnetic potential array - is used to create the magnetic field. provides no field itself. However its user program file mag.prg has a mfield_adjust program segment that defines the magnetic field from the user adjustable variable Bx_Gauss (30000 default).

RAM requirements are aroung 20 megs total.

Note: Ions are generated randomly in energy, cone angle, 3D offset, and time. You have adjustable variables to control each aspect.

Running. Swirl-like ion traces shown.

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