simion::PA - PA Library in C++

C++ module for reading/writing/modifying SIMION potential arrays. v2.01


This is the C++ version of the SIMION SL Libraies. It provides libraries for manipulating SIMION potential array (PA/PA?) files.


This page is abridged from the full SIMION 8.1.1 "Supplemental Documentation" (Help file). The following additional sections can be found in the full version of this page accessible via the "Help > Supplemental Documentation" menu in SIMION 8.1.1:
  • Reference API (pa.h)


D.Manura (c) 2003-2013 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. Licensed under the terms of SIMION 8.1, 8.0, or the SIMION SL Toolkit. Created 2003-11.