simionx.SpecialFunctions - Special mathematical functions

simionx.SpecialFunctions - Special mathematical functions (e.g. elliptic integrals, error function, …).


local SF = require "simionx.SpecialFunctions"
assert(SF.erf(0) == 0)
assert(SF.elliptic_k(0) == math.pi/2)
assert(SF.elliptic_e(0) == math.pi/2)


This module provides various special mathematical functions. They include elliptic integrals and the error function.

The complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kind are implemented in terms of the more general Carlson symmetric forms of elliptic integrals. The implementation of these functions are quite efficient and accurate (using optimized algorithms). By default, they define a maximum relative error of approximately 1e-7.


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version: 20070816