How do I run Lua code in SIMION?

[SIMION 8.0/8.1]

If you have a single line of Lua code, just paste it into the bottom command bar in SIMION and press the Enter key. To display output from the code, either prepend an expression by “=” or wrap it in a print statement:


To run a file, click the “Run Lua Program” button on the SIMION main screen and select a .lua file. Alternately, you can use dofile from the command bar:

dofile 'myprogram.lua'
    dofile 'c:/temp/myprogram.lua'

To run code during a Fly’m, to customize the Fly’m, attach a workbench user program to your IOB workbench (see Chapter L “User Programming” in the SIMION 8.0 manual).