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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I168 2006-04-10 [recording,defect,70,resolved]
  In SIMION data recording, the electric potential (E) option
  incorrectly records magnetic potential whenever a magnetic
  PA of 2D planar symmetry is active.  The error does not occur
  if the magnetic PA has other symmetry or no magnetic PA is active.
  To reproduce:
    Load the _Icrcell example.  Enable data recording with "E"
    (potential).  Potentials recorded are zero.  Set potentials in
    magnetic PA.  Potentials recorded reflect magnetic PA.  Change
    magnetic PA to 2D cylindrical or 3D planar symmetry or delete the
    PA.  Potentials recorded reflect electrostatic PA.
  Resolution: Use SIMION dated 2006-04-10 or later.
  Affects: 7.0
  Resolved in: 7.0.1 (2006-04-10) and 8.0beta8.
  First reported: 2006-04-07 by Laurent in

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