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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I169 2006-04-15 [filemanager,70,resolved]
  The GUI File Manager has a limit of 3000 directories
  and becomes unresponsive on a long running directory scan.
  Affects: 7.0.0 to 7.0.1.
    7.1b2 (8.0) full resolves this by replacing the GUI
      File Manager with the Windows file selection dialog box.
    7.0.2 partly resolves this with a number of improvements to the
      GUI File Manager.  In the drive list, there is a new button
      "START" that lists only the files in the directory in which SIMION
      started (this eliminates the need for the simion.bat workaround).
      The user can now press the ESC key to end a long-running directory
      scan.  Max directories has been slightly increased from 3000 to
      10000.  The user is no longer prompted when the limits are exceeded.
  Reported by many users.

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