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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I206 [simgui,beta,unknown]
  "highest_parent_object - no highest_parent found error"
  2006-08-31 - reported by igorv.
  Description from user report:
    Left it overnight computing some ion trajectories. Today in the
    morning, when I switched to SIMION window, I got these error
    messages "highest_parent_object - no highest_parent found error"
    (see the attached pdf file).  They showed up repeatedly until I
    stopped the program. I recall there were some issues with the
    version 7 and screen savers etc.  David Dahl has not completely
    resolved them.
  Affects 7.1/8.0 betas.
  DJM-NOTE: I have not yet been able to reproduce this error.
    It seems related to the mouse motion code.  Additional
    debugging code is being added to 80beta11e to help diagnose this
    if it happens again.

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