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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I212 [70,ion,resolved,notresolved70]
  Minor changes to ION file parsing for improved robustness
    - In SIMION 7.0, blank lines are read in as ions, which is
      unlikely what the user intended.
      These lines are now ignored starting in SIMION ~8.0beta12.
      This change unlikely has an effect on existing projects.
    - In SIMION 7.0, the coordinates comment line can be omitted, but
      the effect of this is not documented in the SIMION 7.0 manual.
      The effect is that the the coordinates from the previously
      loaded particles definition file are used (upon startup, the
      default is "1" for PA instance 1).  This less-than-deterministic
      behavior is unlikely what the user intended.  Starting in SIMION
      ~8.0beta12, this always defaults to 1.  This change unlikely has
      an effect on existing projects.  In retrospect, it may seem more
      natural for SIMION to default to workbench coordinates (0), but
      changing that default might break existing SIMION 7 projects
      that use ION files with missing units comment lines.  Note that
      SIMION 7 always adds the units comment line when saving an ION
      file, so it's normally recommended to include it.
      - UPDATE 8.0beta14e-20061031: now defaulting to WB
        coordinates (0) instead.
    - In SIMION 7.0 coordinate unit number can exceed the maximum
      bound by 1 without triggering an error.  This now
      correctly triggers an error message in SIMION ~8.0beta12.
  Affects 7.0
  Resolved in 8.0beta12 (not currently patched in 7.0.x)
  Updated in 8.0beta14e-20061031

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