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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I219 [805,beta,resolved]
  Various printing screen issues - labels, color, annotations.
  > 9. Print option label cannot use point (i.e. like 1.5 1 
  > point 5).  A  
  > panel opens up whenever the decimal point is used and ask for 
  > something.
  >  10.     Also how is color activated in print. I am presently only getting 
  > black and white figures? Later, I actually found out that if I press 
  > the only button that doesn?t sya anything this seesms to toggle the 
  > color?! Shouldn?t this button say something? 
  Resolved in 8.0beta12g--accelerators are no longer trapped in label
    editing, color is on by default and moved to pritn options screen
    (frame button is moved there as well).  revamp of printing
    screen.  annotation buttons also added.
  See also I40.

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