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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I221 [feature,low-medium]
  Support multiple and non-orthogonal test planes in data recording.

  The current SIMION Data Recording options only record on orthogonal
  test planes, only one in each direction.  Some have wanted multiple
  test planes and test planes at arbitrary angles.

  One solution for this is user programming.  See the example in Issue
  I221.2 - "New example: Applies user program to record data on
  multiple non-orthogonal test planes ('test_plane')" which uses
  a reusable library for defining test planes rather quickly.

  Another approach is to rerun the simulation multiple times, using
  a different test plane each time.

  TODO - Eventually we should support this directly in Data Recording
  without the need for the user program setup.

  Reported by theo-20060917,2006-09-18
    In data recording, allow recording on arbitrary test plane,
    possibly multiple test planes.
    The usual options for marking trajectories inludes crossing the plane 
    of X=#, or Y=# or Z=# individually but not any plane which could be 
    defined by the vector normal to it normal (X=#1, Y=#2, Z=#3).

    In the past I had wanted to get a cross sectional view of the focusing 
    (spread in the trajectories) of a beam as it goes around an HDA. I 
    therefore could use such an option. Moving this plane around and also 
    tilting its orientation would tell you lots about the 1rst order focus 
    of an HDA and how it moves when fringing fields enter the picture as 
    in my paracentric fringing field HDA. 

  Reporte by dennisc: Record Data when ion crosses arbitrary
    planes a*x +b*y +c*z = d enter a, b, c, d this would let us monitor
    the cross section of the beam at various locations.

  Status: review in 8.0.x/8.1 sometime

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