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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I224 [beta,resolved]
  Loss of view definitions on entering workbench tab.
  Reported by theo-20060920
  There is a loss of view definitions (e.g. 3D cuts)
  everytime I something was changed. I'm not sure if this was also so in  
  Simion7 but I don't think it was as bad. This definitely needs to be  
  > 12.     When changing to workbench view the trajectories get reploted even 
  > when no changes are made to the size of the workbench. I think the 
  > trajectories should NOT be reploted as this is very time consuming 
  > when dealing with a lot of trajectories. Only in the case of hide 
  > panel should this be needed or in case the workbench size is changed 
  > for some reason. 

  - Occurs when Workbench tab is pressed.
  - May can occur when FLY button is pressed, but this is not seen
    until the window is refreshed.  Observe Display tab in 3D Zoom
    section to better understand this behavior. (?)
  - 2D zooms get reset when window is resized. (probably ok)

  - In 80beta12i, 2D and 3D zooms are not reset on entering the Workbench

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