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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I243 [8.0.x,MED-HIGH]
  Preserve zoom/cuts, display options (e.g. in IOB file)
  and manipulate display programmatically.
  Noted by theo-20061003
  Restore zoom/cuts from file.
  3D zoom feature allows specification of zoom dimensions to be typed
  in.  It is useful for restoring the same area displayed but requires
  writing doesn all the numbers in the cuts.  More practically, the
  numbers could be saved and reloaded in a file (e.g. .zoom file).

  Also dennisc: Sometimes I like to see inside volumes using 3D 
  > cutaways.  These can be
  > tricky to set up.  It would be nice if these volume definitions were
  > saved/remembered (perhaps using the IOB files).

  2005-11-03 - dennisc
  When you select part of a 3D volume, say by selecting 2 or more
  intersecting volumes in XY then ZY view, then go to 3D Isometric
  view, you can actually display contours on the surfaces of these
  cuts.  This is very useful, but it takes time to set up the cuts.
  It would be useful to remember 3D cut out volumes & zoom levels,
  e.g. store in IOB definition, so when you come back to a project you
  can get to where you were. With larger 3D models takes time to set
  up what you want, this is all lost when you exit SIMION for the day.

  djm-allow saving of views

  --I've added this to the list for 8.0.  This is related to the
  intention of replacing the IOB file with a more extensible ascii
  format in 8.0, so storing views and cutaways inside the IOB file may
  be an option.

  --Note: the Display tab has a 3D Zoom section where you can type
    in the coordinates of the 3D zoom box.  Of course, this isn't
    the most convenient and doesn't handle 2D zooms.
    I'm thinking of supporting this when I create the more
    flexible IOB2 format.

  In 8.1 there is a new simion.experimental.display Lua
  object (currently experimental) to save/restore the View screen:


  noted by jonbatey--20090429--

  Resolve in 8.1-in progress.

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