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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I247 [80,feature,partiallyresolved]
  Refine max iteration limit and default increased to 1E7, and other
    refine screen issues.
  Reported by theo-2006-10-07
  - On the refining screen, max iterations is fairly low.
    # Resolved: Increased max iterations to 1E7 and set 1E7 as the
                default in 80beta13n.
  - The need for max iterations is questioned since there
    is a quit button.
    # Partial resolution: Possibly true.  This is moved in
      80beta13n to make it less prominent at least.
  - Add a small window or a file printed out at the end of the
    refining giving a summary of the refining, i.e. all inputs,
    cpu actual duration of  
    calculation and number of iterations it actually required.
    Note: some of this is actually displayed on the status bar,
    but it does not persist long enough to be seen in 8.0beta.
    # Partial Resolution: Fixed statusbar display in 8.0beta13n
      See I249.
  - You can accidentally change refining parameters during refine.
    Possibly these should be locked by default (maybe allowing
    an unlock) unlock during refine.
    # Partial resolution: reverted to SIMION 7 behavior as
      noted on p.6-6 of the SIMION 7 manual in 80beta13n.
      Previously, the beta did not lock these fields during PA# refining.
  Affects 8.0beta more.

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