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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I253 [low-med,enhancement,8.0.x,resolved]
  Make print button visible in View when Hide selected.
  Noted by theo-2006-10-10
  One more thing about the print button and the white spaces in eps
    figures.  Resizing the window doesn't always work especially on
    smaller screens since there is a minimum size beyond which you can't
    resize and also you are restricted by the physical size of the PC
    screen (sometimes). Also you can increase the available screen size
    if you hit the hide button but then you also hide the print button
    so it doesn't help you.  Why not move the print button to a
    prominent position like th lower fly button which can be used from
    all screens!?
  See also I273
  Resolved in 8.0beta14j-2006-11-02 - print button moved to display
    panel that is always visible.

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