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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I255 [med-high,enhancement,partlyimplemented]
  Loading IOB/PA files from Windows explorer file associations
  or command-line.

  As of SIMION 8.0.4-TEST17, IOB and PA files can be loaded from
  Windows Explorer file associations or from the command line.

    simion.exe "c:\Program Files\SIMION-8.0\quad\quad.iob"

    simion.exe "c:\Program Files\SIMION-8.0\quad\"

  Requested by theo-20061016/20070423/20070426 and

  Related (not implemented)
    Also, can you make .iob files to list the names of .pa files the
    include either when looking at the properties of the .iob file in
    explorer or when placing the mouse cursor on the file? This would be
    useful to remember which pas are included.
    I guess this is one reason why you also have the doc load which
    should have the same name as the iob file?
    -- Possibly.  For example, if you right click on a PDF file and
       select "Properties", it shows a tab with PDF-specific properties.

  Related (not implemented)
    Load FLY2, REC, and other files too.
  Largely implemented in 8.0.4-TEST17/18.

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