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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I258 [low-med,enhancement,80,resolved]
  Log window cleared after running print() commands in top-level of
  Lua program.

  Prior to 8.0.3-TEST7, at start of Fly'm, any Lua program is compiled
  and executed to place variables and segments in memory, the Log
  Window is cleared, and particles are flown.  This is a problem if
  any print() commands occur during that initial execution (e.g. print
  statements at the top-level of a Lua program, outside of segments),
  for their output is soon cleared.

  In 8.0.3-TEST7, the Log Window is cleared earlier (just after the
  Fly'm button is pressed) to avoid that problem.


    print("starting") -- this now displays in 8.0.3-TEST7
    function segment.initialize()
      print("initialize") -- this always displayed.

  Reported by theo-20061018

  Resolved in 8.0.3-TEST7.

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