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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I277 [8beta,largelyresolved]
  OpenGL window problems in Wine or CrossOver (wine bug 2398, OpenGL client window problems)

  OpenGL rendering is known to work in SIMION 8.0.6 (production release) under
  Wine 1.2.2 and CrossOver Mac 10.0.3 (and probably older versions too, but these
  have not all been tested).  Older versions have had some problems, and a history
  is provided below.

  == History ==

  The OpenGL (3D) window in SIMION Modify and SL Tools has been known to cause
  some problems in Wine and CrossOver on Linux and Mac OSX.  This is due to some
  limitations or bugs in Wine regarding use of OpenGL in child (not top level) windows.
  Details here: <>.
  Since SIMION 8.0.0rc7-20061017, a workaround was added to detect if SIMION is
  running in Wine and if so it opens the OpenGL canvas in a frame window.
  This works in Linux Wine versions since 0.9.x and CrossOver Mac 6.2.0.
  It does not work properly in CrossOver Mac >6.2.0 through at least 10.0.3.
  In Wine 0.9.57 (?) in 2008, the Wine bug 2398 was fixed.
  In SIMION 8.0.6, the above workaround was removed due to the Wine bug fix.
  This was tested in Wine Linux 1.2.2.  However, the workaround could not
  be removed in CrossOver Mac 10.0.3.  Rather an improved workaround had to be
  added for CrossOver Mac.
  Note: In SIMION versions prior to 8.0.6, you likely will see the error
  "Failed to create OpenGL display list" in CrossOver Mac.  Upgrade to
  at least 8.0.6 to resolve this error.

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