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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I287 [med,enhancement,moderately_important,resolved]
  Support built-in magnetic elements including wires of current.

  Magnetic calculations from wire currents (Biot-Savart calculations)
  were added in 8.0.3 via the simionx.MField Lua library.
  This allows the creation of a magnetic field PA from current
  elements, solenoids, hoops, etc.  The field is applied in an
  mfield_adjust user programming segment.

  See "Libraries API Reference" in "Help|Browse Documentation" for details.
  Also see the "solenoid" example.

  Reported by dennisc and martin
  Permeability and current loops may also be something to look at for 8.0.

  Implemented in 8.0.3

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