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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I293 [easy,largelyunresolved]
  More fully implement hot keys (especially in GEM file replacement).
  Reported by dennisc

  Note by dennisc:
    Throughout SIMION there is often the option of using "HOT" keys
    rather than Mouse clicks (letters on button underlined in red).
    There are a few places where "HOT" keys are not implemented, and
    would be much appreciated.  (I find it much faster to kit keys then
    move mouse to button and and click) In the particular on the "Edit
    Geometry" page, "Erase Entire PA" and "Insert into PA" buttons are
    lacking "Hot" keys.

  -- SIMION omits some hot keys to prevent them for being pressed
     accidentally (e.g. "Remove All Pas From RAM" lacks a hot key),
     but then again these often have confirmation dialog boxes to also
     the user to back out of an accidental selection.

  Note: 8.0.2 has a new "Update PA" button in the GEM file screen
    which has the same effect as hitting erase and then insert

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