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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I326 [high,resolved]
  Crash if initial particle params out of range.
  Reported by: 2006-11-28-davidm
  If particle parameters (e.g. TOF) start out of range,
    SIMION may crash at the start of the fly'm.
  Problem tends to affects release (not debug) versions of SIMION.
  Problem does not occur if particles terminate at creation due to
    splatting electrodes (in which case ion_splat is set later).
  Problem does not occur if there is no user program or the user program
    is disabled.
  The reason is that the parameter out of range condition (from Issue I239)
    sets splat too early, resulting in locate_ion skipping
    its main body of code and not properly initializing the particle
    for when the user program gets a chance to execute.  The program
    then accesses uninitialized data.
  This is related to the changes made in Issue I239.
  Resolution: In 8.0.1, this is resolved.  Particularly, if parameters
    for a particle are out of range, the parameters are forced within
    range, ion_splat is set to -4 (ion killed), and the initialize
    segment (if any) is run.  The ion then is done with (attempts by
    the user to reset ion_splat are ignored as per SIMION 7 behavior).
  Affects: 8.0.0 (not 7)
  Resolved in 8.0.1

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