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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I335 [8.0,low,minor,enhancement,resolved]
  Improve Lua output handling (e.g. print()/io output to log window
  and recording files).

  In 8.0.1, these things related to Lua output were made:
    - Output of "Run Lua Program" goes to and remains in Log window.
        In 8.0.0, this displayed in a Windows console window that
        immediately closed when the program completed, making it difficult
        to see and results printed.
    - Log window opens automatically when Lua outputs begins.
        In 8.0.0, entering "print(1+2)" in the command bar resulted
        in a crash.  In 8.0.1, a separate log window opens automatically
        displaying the result.
    - Lua print() function handles non-string variables better.
        8.0.0 may print some non-string variables as blank;
        for example, print(math.sqrt).  8.0.1 now is like standard Lua,
        which prints something like "function: 0x6853c0".
    - In GUI mode, standard input stream is now closed in 8.0.1.
        In 8.0.0, would freeze SIMION since standard input
        was not accessible to the user.

  UPDATE: 8.0.4-TEST18
    Lua standard input support re-enabled in non-GUI mode:
      Prior to 8.0.4-TEST18, Lua standard input was disabled even in
      non-GUI mode.  For example,
        simion.exe --nogui lua -e 'print(io.stdin:read())'
      failed, indicating file handle was closed.
      Support for this is re-enabled in 8.0.4-TEST18.

  UPDATE: 8.0.4-TEST23
    Fix problem print() not going to rec output file [r18]
    Reported by pypdjl-

  UPDATE: 8.0.5-TEST10
    In prior versions, print() outputted to the data recording
    file, but f:write() for standard output handle did not.
    This is now fixed.

    In prior versions, methods seek, flush, and setvbuf on the
    standard output handle in did nothing in GUI mode (non-GUI mode
    was ok).  This is now implemented.  See related Issue I486
    (Data recording output taking long time to flush to disk).

  Affects 8.0.0.
  Resolved in 8.0.1. Improved in 8.0.4-TEST18. Improved in 8.0.4-TEST23.
  Improved in 8.0.5-TEST10.
  See also I229.

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