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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I351 [80,enhancement,resolved]
  In main screen, non-refined PAs are now marked with "!".
    Starting in 8.0.2, potential arrays that are determined to be
    unrefined (or are PA# files that are not solution arrays) are
    marked with '!' in the PA list on the main screen.  This is mostly
    as a safeguard/warning for users, especially new users.

    The criteria used to determine whether a potential array is
    unrefined is not precisely defined (it depends on what you
    consider an acceptable level of convergence).  So, a potential
    array not marked with '!' may still need to be refined.

    For purposes here, the criteria used by SIMION to determine if a
    PA should be considered unrefined is basically as follows.

    A .PA file is considered unrefined if the maximum refine
    convergence level in the .PA is above 0.01 times the maximum span
    of voltages in the .PA.  Determining that error requires basically
    that SIMION do a single refine iteration that only computes the
    maximum error (but does not modify the .PA).  A .PA file will also
    be considered unrefined if you modify it but don't subsequently
    re-refine it. Fast adjusting does not alter the refine status.

    .PA0 files (as well as .PA[1..n_] file) are normally always
    considered refined, even if the corresponding .PA# file is edited.
    However, if you edit one of these files directly (which you
    normally should not do), the file will be considered unrefined.
    .PA# files are themselves normally always considered unrefined,
    even if the corresponding .PA0 file exists.

  Update: 8.0.4-TEST12
    Display meaning of [!] and [*] as tooltips in statusbar.

  Resolved in 8.0.2.

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