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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I375 [defect,80,resolved]
  False warning that .PA/.PA# file is electrode solution
    file upon entering Modify if file has bad "short" 8.3-format name.
  To reproduce:
    - On an NTFS volume create a .PA file named ""
    - Set the short name of the file to something with a bad or
      missing extension (e.g. "longfile").  For example, you can
      simulate this by this command-line command:
        "fsutil file setshortname longfile"
      Note that "dir /X" now shows "LONGFILE" for the name.
    - Load the file in SIMION and open Modify.  SIMION gives false
      warning that "LONGFILE" is an electrode solution file.

  Original report by tbraun:
    I'm using SIMION 8.0.2 with files from a network share.
    If I load a PA# file from L:\komponen.ten\Stuff\
    Entwicklung\Projekte\Test(1111111)\Lens\LongerStuff(Final version)\
    and try to modify it, I get the attached error message.
    Although I'm trying to work on the correct file.
    If I do the same from a local disk d:\ with the pa# file
    "LENS-lens(too long).PA#" everything works as expected.
    Warning: The potential array "LAZEDM~R" is a electrode solution file.
    Normally, the corresponding definition file "LAXEDM~R.PA" is
    modified instead...

  Reason: SIMION was testing the short (8.3 form) file name,
    which in some cases might not have a valid file extension.
    This was a carryover of SIMION 7.  8.0.3 now tests the long name.
  Affects: 8.0.2 (related issues might exist in 8.0.0-8.0.1)
  Resolved in 8.0.3-TEST2

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