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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I408 [80,recording,resolved]
  False "The Data Recording (or Trajectory) File Has Filled Your Disk"
  message in batch mode.

  When flying an IOB file in batch mode, where the IOB records data
  to a file (such as from a workbench user program), you may see this
  error message in the output:

    error,Aborting Trajectories:
    The Data Recording (or Trajectory) File Has Filled Your Disk
    Either Remove Files From Your Disk to Increase Space or
    Depress Rerun Button AFTER Starting a Fly'm
    to Avoid Saving Trajectory Images to Disk

  Cause: SIMION was attempting to write to a closed file handle and
    was failing.

  To reproduce:
    In the Einzel example, create an einzel.lua workbench program
    that outputs something:


    From batch mode (e.g. "simion.exe --nogui lua"), run this command

      simion.command("fly --recording-output=out.txt einzel.iob")

    The second run gives the error message above.

  Note: also this error can display if SIMION cannot write a temporary
  trajectory file (e.g. write permissions are disabled on the current
  directory).  The error message is improved in 8.0.4-TEST21.

  Affects 8.0.3 and likely prior versions.
  Resolved in 8.0.4-TEST3.

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