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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I413 [refine,enhancement,med-high,mostlyresolved]
  Allow resume of a terminated PA# refine.

  Prior to 8.0.4-TEST14, if a refine of a PA# file was terminated,
  there was no easy way to resume the refine.  (In contrast, refines
  of regular PA files can be terminated and resumed quite simply.)
  One needed to restart a terminated PA# refine from the beginning.
  This remained true even if some electrode solution files (.PA_,
  .PA1, .PA2, etc.) were written do disk because there was no way to
  tell SIMION to reuse those files and resume at the next electrode.

  As of 8.0.4-TEST14, if a refine of a PA# file is terminated, SIMION
  can resume the refine by reusing any electrode solution files that
  exist on disk.  Any calculations on the current electrode are still
  discarded though because the solution file for an electrode is not
  written to disk until the electrode is fully calculated (there is
  room to enhance that in the future though).

  The way this now works is that if SIMION is told to refine a PA#
  file and the PA0 file does not exist (note: file is now generated
  last) AND only some electrode solution files exist AND the file
  modification date on the first solution file is after the file
  modification date on the PA# file, then SIMION will prompt the user
  if one wants to resume the refine.

  Requested by bernheim

  Implemented in 8.0.4-TEST14

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