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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I424 [batchmode,enhancement,resolved]
  New gem2pa and refine command line options to override pa_define

  These command-line options were added.

  In gem2pa, these options override any settings in the pa_define
  statement in the GEM file.

    --nx=d  number of grid points in x direction
    --ny=d  number of grid points in y direction
    --nz=d  number of grid points in z direction
    --symmetry=s  symmetry.  examples: 'cylindrical', 'planar', 'planar[xyz]'
    potential_type=s  'electric' or 'magnetic'
    --ng=d    magnetic scaling factor

  In refine, these options were added:

    --skipped-point=b  enabled skipped point refine (0=no,1=yes[default])

  Added in 8.0.4-TEST9.

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