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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I425 [sllibraries,sltools,resolved]
  Automatically increase a PA's max_voltage in SL Libraries and SL Tools.

  A PA has a "max_voltage" field used by SIMION to encode whether each
  point in the PA is an electrode or non-electrode (see SL Libraries
  API).  As of 2007-07-11, the SL Libraries (and SL Tools) automatically
  increase a PA's max_voltage setting if an attempt is made to set a
  potential exceeding max_voltage.  Also, changing the max_voltage field
  now results in the array points automatically being updated.

  Prior to 2007-07-11, the SL Libraries would assert if one attempted
  to set a potential greater than max_voltage in the PA, and changing
  the max_voltage field did not update the array points.  This was the
  intended behavior, but the non-debug version of SL Tools did not
  include the assertion checks and so could fail on converting a PATXT
  file to a PA file (reported by munami - ).

  Resolved in SL Libraries as of 2007-07-11 and SL Tools
  (1.1.2-TEST1). Will be included in 8.0.4 release.

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