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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I452 [80,rec,enhancement,resolved]
  Add charge weighting factor (CWF) to Data Recording output and
  add new ion_cwf reserved variable.

  As of 8.0.4-TEST19, the CWF can be enabled for data recording.
  The REC format has been extended to support this selection.
  The REC format remains backward and forward compatible with
  earlier versions of SIMION.

  Furthermore, user programs can read or write the CWF through a new
  "ion_cwf" reserved variable.  ion_cwf has the same segment access
  permissions as ion_charge.

    This capability also allows the following useful trick.  Any CWF
    specified in an .ION input file can be carried over to the CWF
    field in the Data Recording output.  This is true even if charge
    repulsion effects are disabled, in which case SIMION otherwise
    ignores the CWF field, but you may use the CWF field for your own
    purpose to carrying over user-defined data concerning individual
    particles between input and output files.

  Requested by igor-20071024.

  Implemented in 8.0.4-TEST19.

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