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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I453 [70,chargerepulsion,critical,resolved]
  Modifying ion_charge can cause charge repulsion effects to be wrong.

  Prior to 8.0.4-TEST19, if a user program modifies the ion_charge
  variable, then charge repulsion effects (if enabled) may not
  calculate correctly.  This likely affects only beam and Coloumbic
  repulsion (but not factor repulsion).  This is because some charge
  repulsion variables were being precalculated before the Fly'm and
  not updated if ion_charge changes.

  As of 8.0.4-TEST19, it is safe to modify ion_charge (as well as the
  new ion_cwf variable) when using charge repulsion effects.

  Affects 7.0.
  Resolved in 8.0.4-TEST19 (test case t3).  Not patched in 7.0.

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