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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I462 [enhancement,lua,high,resolved]
  Add simion.sleep(seconds) function.

  The simion.sleep function sleeps (pauses SIMION) for the given
  number of seconds.  seconds is a real number and can represent
  fractions of seconds.  The sleep will be aborted if the user
  presses the ESC key.

  Using sleep is preferrable to a busy wait (e.g.
  "local t0 = os.time(); while os.time() < t0 + seconds do end")
  because sleep processes user input and screen updates during
  the sleep, thereby avoiding a screen freeze during the sleep.

  Note: a workaround in earlier version of SIMION is to define this

    local function sleep(seconds)
      local t0 = os.time()
      while os.time() < t0 + seconds and simion.key() ~= 27 do end
      -- note: 27 is ESC key
      -- note: fractional seconds are ignored

  Suggested in

  Implemented in 8.0.4-TEST25.

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