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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I463 [80,mostlyresolved]
  Formal support for Intel-based Mac OS X running Windows version of SIMION

  Running the Windows version of SIMION 8.0 on Intel-based Mac OS X is now
  formally supported via the following three methods.  (Note: older
  PowerPC-based OS 9 Macs will generally not work well or at all.) 
  These methods have been tested by SIS and work quite well.

  * CrossOver Mac (Windows compatibility layer) - see Issue I464
    [ ]
  * VMWare Fusion (virtualization) - see Issue I466
    [ ]
  * Parallels (virtualization) - see Issue I465
    [ ]

  Other less-formally supported methods may work as well, particularly
  virtualization software like VMWare/Parallels.  See also .

  WINDOWS LICENSING: Using CrossOver DOES NOT require a Windows
  license.  Using virtualization software like Parallels and VMWare
  VMWare DOES require you have and install a licensed copy of Windows
  into the virtual machine (Windows is purchased separately).  The
  CrossOver method can be more cost effective.

  PERFORMANCE: Both CrossOver and virtualization (VMWare and
  Parallels) run largely at native speeds, though CrossOver particle
  flying seem about half speed (see Issue I464).

  MEMORY USAGE: SIMION under both Parallels, VMWare, and CrossOver has
  a memory limit of roughly 1.2 GB, of 130 million points, or higher
  per PA (when the "--reserved-memory" option is used).  This may
  depend on guest OS and virtual machine memory allocation settings
  (which were not fully explored during testing).

  only supported via virtualization (i.e. Parallels/VMWare not
  CrossOver) and only if Excel is a Windows version installed on the
  virtual machine.  (See Issue I464 on this for details.)

  SIMION 8.0.5 may freeze when using CrossOver versions prior to 7.10.
  Either upgrade CrossOver to >= 7.10 or downgrade SIMION to <= 8.0.4.

  SUMMARY: SIMION 8.0 runs well on all the above options.  There is
  some slowdown in particle flying under CrossOver.  If you want
  integration with (Windows) Excel you should use virtualization
  (VMWare or Parallels), but if you want better integration with OS X
  applications you might want to instead use CrossOver since SIMION
  will then run more like an OS X application.  SIMION 7.0 works ok on
  all the above but seemed to run most smoothly under Parallels
  (SIMION 7.0 does some tricky things with the mouse that cause some
  non-critical mouse behavior issus under CrossOver and VMWare).

  Added December 2007.

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