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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I482 [81,enhancement,poisson,partiallyresolved]
  Refine extended to solve the Poisson Equation

  SIMION's electric field solver (Refine function) has been extended
  in SIMION 8.1.0 to support solving the Poisson Equation. As before, the
  Refine function can calculate potentials inside a volume defined by
  electrodes, but the new Poisson solving capability allows it to also
  handle the case when a known, arbitrary distribution of space-charge
  density also fills that volume (such as due to high current charged
  particle beams or charged insulators)

  For full details, see the "Poisson solver" section of the
  SIMION 8.1 supplementary documentation help file.
  See also SIMION Info:Poisson
  Equation ( ).

  2D cases implemented in 8.0.5-TEST5 (early access mode).
  Poisson examples updated in 8.0.4-TEST13.
  Formally scheduled for 8.1.

  Update: 2008-04-14: Fixed a fairly critical error in piclib library
    in the Poisson examples.
    The following should be added to the top of segment.other_actions
    (just after the "if PIC_enable == 0 then return end"):
    "if ion_time_of_flight <= ion_time_of_birth then return end".

  Update: 2010-11-10 (8.0.6-TEST10): In 2D Poisson refine,
    always treat left and bottom edges as mirror planes (Issue I372)

  Update: 8.1.0-TEST4 - 3D and anisotropic cases implemented.

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