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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I489 [70,80,partly-resolved]
  Data recording disabled if rerun enabled at Fly'm start.

  The SIMION 7.0/8.0 manuals say (e.g. p. 8-14 SIMION 8.0 manual)
    "3. Third, if data recording to a file is active, SIMION will take
    note of the status of the Rerun at the instant when the Fly'm button
    is pressed to start flying ions. If Rerun is checked (at that instant)
    then no recorded data will be sent to the user designated data record
    file during the entire Fly'm. However, recorded data will always
    appear on the Data Monitoring Screen (if and when displayed)."

  This is specified behavior, but should it be changed?  Is the existing
  behavior at all useful?  Why is it defined explicitly this way?

  Note: Use of both data recording and reruns is useful, such as for a
  lens tuning example that also data records.  In that case, the
  program itself will likely enable the reruns just after the Fly'm
  has started and terminate the reruns just before the end of the
  tune.  The data recording will occur provided the user does not have
  reruns enabled prior to clicking Fly'm.  However, if the user
  prematurely terminates the Fly'm, then the reruns option will remain
  active after the Fly'm is done, and the user MUST then manually
  disable rerurns before re-attempting another Fly'm or otherwise
  there will be no data recording.  This may be error prone.  Perhaps
  SIMION should reset the rerun state to what it was prior to the
  start of the Fly'm.  That is what SIMION does concerning adjustable
  variables.  Similar things might need to be said concerning Retain
  and View (trajectories) options.

  Some might temporarily enable the rerun option to see ions reflying,
  such as when tuning adjustable variables.  In such case, even if
  the system normally has data recording enabled, you might not
  want large amount of data from many reruns to fill the disk.

  Noted by ryand-20080321 -
  Also noted by davidm once concerning a simulation (fly2rerun) that
    that did data recording and reruns.
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