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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I497 [enhancement,example,sds,resolved]
  SDS atmospheric pressure collision model (sds).

  This example was added in 8.0.3.

  As of 20080424, significant enhancements have been made:
   REV-3 some code restructuring
     renamed adjustable variables (now with SDS_ prefix).
     new SDS_enable variable
     New install() function and options opt.
     remove skip if "ion_instance ~= 1" in other_actions.
   REV-4b significant restructuring
     major code structure/quality improvements (without affecting calculation)
     pressure/temperature/velocity can now be defined via an analytical function.
     allow SDS to be disabled on certain instances numbers (i)
       via SDS.instances[i] = false.
     Fixed wb_orient_to_pa_orient -> pa_orient_to_wb_orient
       (this mistake was introduced in the port from the PRG code.
        The error only existed when using velocity arrays on a PA
        that was rotated from the original WB coordinates.)
     Allow vz component in velocity array even in 2D planar arrays.
   REV-4c 2008-04-26
     More minor code quality improvements
     Fixed "point_weights[3] = sfx*fy*fz" ->
       "... sfx*fy*sfz".  Error was introduced in
       conversion from PRG and only has a minor effect on 3D arrays.
     Support P/T/v arrays using real SIMION PAs (8.1 mode only).
     Add SDS.velocity_coords parameter.
   REV-4d 2008-05-08
     Added print_sds_parameters function (adrian-20080508)
   REV-4e 2008-05-08
     simion.VERSION check corrected in check_array
     test3.lua - unload PAs from previous runs.

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