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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I508 [core,fastadj,defect,resolved]
  "Illegal Fastadj Potential Count" error after fast adjust failure.

  If one is able to manually fast adjust a large fast adjustable
  potential array via the "Fast Adjust Button" but then attempts to
  fast adjust that array from a fast_adjust segment in a user program
  and that fails due to memory constraints ("Heap Allocation Problems"
  error), subsequent attempts to manually fast adjust the array from
  the "Fast Adjust Voltages" button will wrongly fail with the odd
  error message "Illegal Fastadj Potential Count in array.pa0".
  (Note: The manual fast adjust more efficiently uses memory, at the
  cost of performance, than the fast_adjust segment in a user program,
  so these two procedures are in fact different.)

  Reported by retronade--

  Affects at least 8.0.4-8.0.5-TEST24 and possibly earlier.
  Resolved in 8.0.5-TEST27.

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