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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I511 [enhancement,lua,resolved]
  Add standalone Lua interpreter lua.exe.

  Purpose: The file "lua.exe" inside the SIMION program folder is a
  Lua interpreter.  It is described in The Lua 5.1 Reference Manual:
  6. Lua Stand-alone.  Although you can run Lua programs inside
  SIMION, there may be times at which you may want to run Lua programs
  using the standard Lua interpreter interface.  Perhaps you want to
  run Lua programs outside of SIMION, or perhaps you need run some
  debugger or compile some code that depends on the existence of the
  lua.exe interpreter.

  Implementation: The "lua.exe" included here is actually just a proxy
  to the copy of Lua embedded inside the SIMION program (simion.exe).
  This proxy is included for your convenience.  Therefore, lua.exe
  depends on simion.exe, which must exist in the same folder as
  lua.exe for lua.exe to run.  (Conversely, simion.exe does not at all
  depend on lua.exe.)  Running lua.exe is actually equivalent to
  running "simion.exe --nogui lua" from the command line (see Appendix
  M "Command Line Interface" of the printed SIMION 8.0 manual).  In
  fact, if you rename the "simion.exe" file to anything prefixed by
  "lua" (e.g. "lua5.1.exe") and run that file, SIMION will behave as
  if you did "simion.exe --nogui lua" too.

  Multiple versions: If you have multiple versions of the simion.exe
  program (e.g. simion.exe, simion-8.0.5.exe, and
  simion-8.0.5-TEST25.exe) installed in the folder where lua.exe
  exists, then lua.exe points to simply simion.exe.  If you copy or
  rename lua.exe to lua-8.0.5.exe or lua-8.0.5-TEST25.exe, then it
  will point to simion-8.0.5.exe or simion-8.0.5-TEST25.exe
  respectively.  This allows you to have Lua interpreters
  corresponding to multiple versions of SIMION in the same program

  Version-specific notes: The "lua.exe" proxy was added in SIMION
  8.0.5-TEST25.  The above comments do not apply to earlier versions
  of SIMION.

  Implemented in 8.0.5-TEST25.

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