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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I515 [examples,added,resolved]
  Particle and PA instance jumping trick examples added
  ("nonideal_grid/particle_jump" and "nonideal_grid/pa_jump")

  The new "examples\nonideal_grid\particle_jump" example demonstrates
  simulating non-ideal grids via the "particle jumping" ("ion jumping") trick.
  When the particle is approaching the grid (approximated as an ideal grid),
  it is temporarily jumped into a high resolution PA representing a small
  section of the non-ideal grid.  This is based on the older example in the
  SIS application notes.

  The new "examples\nonideal_grid\pa_jump" example demonstrates simulating
  non-ideal grids via the "PA instance jumping" trick.  A PA instance
  representing a high resolution section of the non-ideal grid is jumped
  around during the fly'm to wherever the particle is located.  This is an
  alternate method to the "particle jumping" trick.  It is generally more
  intuitive, but it does require the SIMION 8.1 early access mode (Issue 421).

  Added 2008-10-13/2008-10-14 (8.0.5-TEST26).

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