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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I516 [programming,sllibraries,defect,resolved]
  Missing errno include for pa.cpp in SL Libraries
  When compiling lib/cpp/simion/pa.cpp, you may get the error

  ...lib/cpp/simion/pa.cpp: In member function «void simion::PA::load(const std::string&)»:
  ...lib/cpp/simion/pa.cpp:281: erreur: «errno» was not declared in this scope
  ...lib/cpp/simion/pa.cpp: In member function «void simion::PA::save(const std::string&, const simion::PAFormat&)»:
  ...lib/cpp/simion/pa.cpp:316: erreur: «errno» was not declared in this scope

  The pa.cpp should have the following line added to the top:

    #include <cerrno>

  Reported by pedregoj-20081013- .
  This is resolved as of 2008-10-13.
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