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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I517 [gui,defect,resolved]
  Conditional crash on entering View.

  On certain rare conditions, SIMION may crash on entering the View screen.
  It likely only occurs if View was previously exited in a non-2D view, the PA
  size decreased, and the mouse cursor is at certain locations over the PA
  when re-entering the View.

  To reproduce:
    Create a blank 400x400x400 array.
    Enter View. Switch to 3D Iso view. Hover mouse cursor over PA for a
      few seconds. Exit View.
    Remove All PAs from RAM.
    Create a blank 100x100x100 array.
    With mouse cursor in center of window, enter View (with keyboard shorcuts "V").
    It then immediately crashes (sometimes).

  Reported by pypdjl-20081015 and an anonymous user-20080918 via crash

  Crash reports:  
    Address=4FA878; Code=C0000005; String=ACCESS_VIOLATION
      Version=8.0.5-TEST24-nosse2; Level=0; Address=4FA878; (20080918)
    Address=4FB268; Code=C0000005; String=ACCESS_VIOLATION
      Version=8.0.5-TEST26-nosse2; Level=0; Address=4FB268; (20081015/20081022)
    Address=4FB32E; Code=C0000005; String=ACCESS_VIOLATION
      Version=8.0.5-TEST26-nosse2; Level=0; Address=4FB32E; (20081024)

  Affects up to 8.0.5-TEST26. Resolved in 8.0.5-TEST27.

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