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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I561 [defect-gui,resolved]
  Error: icon bundle doesn't contain any suitable icon
  This error may occur:
    ..\..\src\msw\toplevel.cpp(1079): assert "Assert failure" failed in wxTopLevelWindowMSW::SetIcons(): icon bundle doesn't contain any suitable icon
    Call stack:
    [00] RtlFreeHeap                             
    [01] 005E57C7
    [02] 0045C68E
    [03] 005E2B68
    [04] 006ECB02
    Do you want to stop the program?
    You can also choose [Cancel] to suppress further warnings.
    Yes   No   Cancel   
  The problem occurs when the video magnification on Windows is
  set to something other than 100%.
  Pressing "Cancel" allows you to continue using SIMION as normal
  and is a workaround for now.

  Reported by mu-20101122.
  Affects 8.0.6-TEST7 to 8.0.6-TEST9.
  Resolved in 8.0.6-TEST10.
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