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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I585 [gem,81,resolved]
  GEM: Fixed locate X,Y,Z scalings to be applied after rotation.
  In the `locate` statement, the scalings should be applied after the
  rotations, as described in the GEM appendix of the manual.
  This order does not matter under isotropic scaling (same in all
  directions), but it does in anisotropic scaling.

  The following should be equivalent:

  locate(0,0,0,, 0,0,0, $(scalex),$(scaley),$(scalez)) { 
    locate(0,0,0,, 0,45,0) { 
      electrode(1) { fill { within { circle(0,0, 10) } } } 
  locate(0,0,0,, 0,45,0, $(scalex),$(scaley),$(scalez)) { 
    electrode(1) { fill { within { circle(0,0, 10) } } } 

  They were not in 8.1.0-TEST4, but this is now fixed in 8.1.0-TEST5.
  (i.e. Constrn checkbox unchecked) 3D views of the View screen to
  be slightly off.
  Reported by bud-20110719 -
  points.  Enable 3D ISO view, disable Constrn and
  start rotating.  Lines get out of alignment
  upon rotation.  It's somewhat less noticible for
  larger arrays.
  Affects 8.0.6-TEST17 and above.  Resolved.
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