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SIMION 8.0 Issues/Bugs/Enhancements

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Issue I587 [defect,critical,resolved]
  Corrupted Data Recording Events flag (Ion's Start or Ion's Every Time Step events).
  In the Data Recording output, the Events flag may be corrupted
  on the first “Ion’s Start” or “Ion’s Every Time Step” Data Recording
  event on each particle.  This may occur only if
  “Ion’s Start” and/or “Ion’s Every Time Step” is selected and
  “Entering an Instance”, “Field Discontinuity”, “Velocity Reversal”,
  and/or “Crossed X/Y/Z” are also selected in “What to Record”.  Under
  these conditions, some of the selected bits in the latter set
  might be wrongly marked in the Events flag (this only happens sometimes).
  The error likely occurs in SIMION 7.0 but has only been demonstrated as
  far back as 8.0.0.
  Typical examples:
    Ion(1) Event(Ion Created, Crossed X = 150 Plane) TOF(0 usec)
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