SIMION® Quick Start Notes

Release 8.1.0

OVERVIEW: SIMION® (pronounced sim-ion or sim-ee-uhn) is a software package used primarily to calculate electric fields, when given a configuration of electrodes with voltages, and calculate trajectories of charged particles in those fields, when given particle initial conditions, including optional RF, magnetic field, and collisional effects. In this, SIMION provides extensive supporting functionality in defining your system geometry and conditions, recording and visualizing results, and extending the simulation capabilities with user programming. It is an affordable but versatile platform, widely used for over 30 years to simulate lens, mass spec, and other types of particle optics systems.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Your SIMION 8.1 package contains the installation CD, software license numbers (printed on the CD), and these quick start notes. You will also have a 450 page printed SIMION 8.0 manual, either shipped with your 8.1 purchase (for new licenses and upgrades from 7.0) or shipped with your previous 8.0 purchase (for upgrades from 8.0). The installation CD installs the software, examples, and additional documentation.

DOCUMENTATION: Documentation is available in the form of the printed SIMION manual, the “supplementary” electronic documentation (“Help | Browse Documentation” menu), and the various resources on the web site. If you are learning SIMION, we recommend reviewing the introductory sections of the printed manual and check out the SIMION examples to see how simulations are built/used.

NEW 8.1 FEATURES: See the SIMION® 8.1 page in the supplementary electronc documentation for details on what’s new in version 8.1. The new 8.1 features are only described here, not in the 8.0 manual.

LICENSE AGREEMENT: The software license agreement is displayed during installation and can also be found on the installation CD and in the installed files (“Help | About” menu).

INSTALLATION: To install, run the setup.exe program on the installation CD (this may start automatically) and following the instructions on the screen. If you have special installation needs (e.g. Linux or Mac), refer to System Requirements.

UPDATES: With your purchase of SIMION 8.1, free software updates to 8.1.x versions may be downloaded, when available and upon providing your license key, from the web site using by clicking the “Check for Updates” button in SIMION.

FEEDBACK: If you have a question on the use of the software, feel free to contact us through one of the methods listed on Some amount of free assistance is included. Suggestions for improvements or enhancements to the software are always welcome.

– Happy ion flying, SIS.