SIMION® 8.2 (2019/2020) makes a number of enhancements over SIMION® 8.1.


Following new features are currently available in 8.2:

The following features are currently planned for 8.2, but are not yet implemented (though are quite likely):

  • Parallelize the Fly’m (Multicore CPU support). Multiprocess has already been demonstrated with TCP/IP sockets. Single-process multicore implementation in progress (May 2013).
  • Further GEM format enhancements.
  • Yet more improvements to the GUI.
  • Simplify definition of contour values (.con) from the GUI (e.g. copy/paste a list of values as text or specify a range) or define them from Lua code. Probably extend .con format in ASCII format.
  • Many other things are under consideration for future versions and will be described here as 8.2 development progresses.