SIMION® Roadmap (8.2 and Beyond)

Status: The current major version of SIMION is SIMION® 8.1, but many minor version 8.1.x.y release updates have since been published with important additions, especially in the first service pack releases (8.1.1.y). See SIMION Software Change Log for the latest release numbers.

Presently, active development continues in SIMION® 8.1, with important additions still being added in 8.1.x.y release updates. You can download these updates from the “Check for Updates” button on the SIMION main screen.

SIMION® 8.2 is the tentative name for the next major upgrade to SIMION (though it might be renamed 9.0 or something else). for the latest details, see Early Access Mode, which is our program that allows 8.1 users to beta test features going into the next version. 8.2 is still on the drawing board, and a complete feature set is not yet published, but some are shown on Early Access Mode. A schedule is not currently available either though likely at least a year away, and plans are being made for an eventual transition. 8.2 will be a paid upgrade. 8.2 should continue to emphasize advances in core capabilities (like 8.1 did) but will also give some emphasis to user interface aspects (like 8.0 did). See Early Access Mode for a better idea of the development path.

Older version support: SIMION® 8.0 development is largely complete, but the software is still supported. Occasionally bug fixes if consideed significant may still be performed in 8.0. The same can be said about SIMION 7.0 (7.0.5), which probably won’t be further updated unless there’s a major reason or incentive (e.g. compatibility issue with a new version of Windows).

This page was last updated May 2013.